Protocol team

Study Sponsor

The Kirby Institute
Wallace Wurth Building
UNSW Sydney
Sydney NSW 2052

Protocol Co-Chairs

Prof David Cooper (deceased 18 March 2018), The Kirby Institute
Prof Andrew Grulich, The Kirby Institute


Prof Rebecca Guy, The Kirby Institute
A/Prof Iryna Zablotska, The Kirby Institute
Dr Jeff Jin, The Kirby Institute
Prof Janaki Amin, Macquarie University
Dr Nila Dharan, The Kirby Institute

Clinical Investigators

Dr Debbie Allen, Holden Street Clinic
Dr David Baker, East Sydney Doctors
Dr Mark Bloch, Holdsworth House
Clinical A/Prof Katherine Brown, Illawarra Shoalhaven (Wollongong) Sexual Health Clinic
Dr Christopher Carmody, Liverpool Sexual Health Centre
Prof Andrew Carr, St Vincent’s Hospital
Dr Kym Collins, Albury Sexual Health Service, Brookong Centre Sexual Health Service Wagga Wagga
Dr Robert Finlayson, Taylor Square Private Clinic
Dr Catriona Ooi, Clinic 16 (North Shore)
Dr Eva Jackson, Nepean Sexual Health Penrith, Blue Mountains Sexual Health Katoomba
Prof David Lewis, Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre
Dr Josephine Lusk, Short Street Clinic
A/Prof Anna McNulty, Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Orange Sexual Health Clinic, Dubbo Sexual Health
Prof David Templeton, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Dr Rohan Bopage, Kirketon Road Centre
Dr Nathan Ryder, Pacific Clinic (Newcastle)
Dr David Smith, Lismore Sexual Health Clinic
Dr Emanuel Vlahakis, Coffs Harbour Sexual Health, Port Macquarie Sexual Health
Prof Don Smith, The Albion Centre
Dr Nick Doong, Dr Doong’s Surgery
Dr David Townson, Macleay Street Medical Practice
A/Prof Bradley Forssman, Fountain Street General Practice
Dr Daniel Chanisheff, Green Square Health
Dr Gia Han Thai, Crown St Medical Centre
Dr Sarah Martin, Canberra Sexual Health Centre
Dr Tuck Meng Soo, Interchange General Practice
Dr Ben Anderson, St Leonards Medical Practice
Dr Richard Loizou, North Sydney Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr James Koutsis, Potts Point Family Medical Practice

Associate Investigators

Ms Jo Holden, HIV and STI Branch, Centre for Population Health, NSW Ministry of Health
Dr Christine Selvey, Communicable Diseases Branch, Health Protection NSW
Dr Heather-Marie Schmidt, HIV and STI Branch, Centre for Population Health, NSW Ministry of Health
Dale Halliday, HIV and STI Branch, Centre for Population Health, NSW Ministry of Health
Mr Nic Parkhill, AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON)
Mr Bill Whittaker, NSW Ministry of Health HIV Strategy Implementation Committee
Dr Kerry Chant, NSW Ministry of Health
Mr Craig Cooper, Positive Life NSW
Mr Scott McGill, Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine
A/Prof Catherine O’Connor
Dr Phillip Read, 
Kirketon Road Centre
Dr Rosalind Foster, 
Sydney Sexual Health Centre

Kirby Team

Ms Barbara Yeung, Senior Clinical Project Coordinator/Project Manager
Ms Gesalit Cabrera, Clinical Project Coordinator
Ms Erin Ogilvie, Clinical Project Coordinator/Data Manager
Mr Shawn Clackett, Research Assistant/Data Manager
Mr Mo Hammoud, System Manager
Ms Stefanie Vaccher, Behavioural Data Manager/Statistician/Epidemiologist
Ms Lucy Watchirs Smith/Dr Tobias Vickers, ACCESS Clinical Data Manager